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Along The 46th

Along The 46th


Published: November 2015
5.5 X 8.5 in | 142 pgs
Trade Paperback:  978-0-9949183-0-7

An interstellar event occurs in your backyard. Time served in a Sudbury jail cell turns unexpected. A mudcat is caught. A prostitute pokes out underneath a hotel bed. A ghostly figure visits a painter. A bag of rotten carrots ruins a friendship. These are just some of the eclectic tales in this newest addition to the mythos of Northern Ontario. Along the 46th features 13 authors, 13 unique perspectives on the space beneath the 46th parallel. Prepare to confront and re-imagine the places we call home, the homes we promised ourselves we’d never revisit, and the promises we thought we could keep.


'Amazing number of voices' in Along the 46th, debut offering from new Sudbury publisher: Sudbury Star, Novembetr 15, 2015


Darlene Naponse, Rob Dominelli, Matthew Heiti, Rosanna Micelotta Battigelli, Casey Stranges, Liisa Kovala, Thomas Leduc, Karen McCauley, Laura E. Young, Tina Siegel, Lara Bradley, Kim Fahner, Eric Moore.

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