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The Wintermen II : Into the Deep Dark (Pre-order)

The Wintermen II : Into the Deep Dark (Pre-order)


ISBN: 978-1988989006


Release Date: April 30 2018


Advance Praise

Most Anticipated 2018 Spring Fiction, 49th Shelf

 "The mystery is how a novel with such a serious theme at its heart manages to be so much fun to read. It’s like riding a snowmachine full throttle down a steep hill!"  

– Mary Lawson, author, Crow Lake, The Other Side of the Bridge, Road Ends

"The Wintermen II: Into the Deep Dark" continues the fast-paced saga of the first book and adds a new layer of nail-biting climate angst. "Cli-fi noir" you might call it!

- Dan Bloom, editor, The Cli-Fi Report



The nightmare of an endless winter is the least of the problems for Johnny Slaught and his rag tag group of climate chaos refugees. They've been surviving in a frontier town abandoned by a government that has lost control - but their world is about to be rocked by the greatest menace of all - human greed. Into the Deep Dark is the second in Brit Griffin's eco-catastrophic adventure series the Wintermen. The north is full of ancient legends of violence, fear and madness that descended on isolated communities in the darkness of winter. For Johnny Slaught and the Wintermen, the legend is knocking at their door, and he has slicked back hair, a sheep-skin coat and a pump action.

Author Brit Griffin, The Wintermen

Brit Griffin is a writer and environmentalist. She founded and managed Highgrader Magazine for 10 years, tackling issues on the environment, rural living and resource-based communities. Her debut novel, The Wintermen released in 2015 by Scrivener Press, was shortlisted for the 2016 Northern Lit Award for Fiction. She is a co-author of We Lived A Life and Then Some: the life and death of a mining town (Between the Lines, 1996), a non-fiction historical book which made the 2011 CBC Cross Country Check Up Reading List. She won two American Catholic Press Awards for her writing on family life.

Griffin currently works as an environmental researcher with Timiskaming First Nation, an Algonquin community in northern Quebec from her home in Cobalt where she lives with her husband Charlie Angus.