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Notes Towards Recovery - e-Pub

Notes Towards Recovery - e-Pub


Paperback ISBN 978-1988989-09-9


Release date: May 1 2019 

Notes Towards Recovery, is a short story collection that explores loss and the spaces around loss. At the centre of these stories are everyday women who must navigate these spaces and their shifting boundaries, often redefining themselves in the process.

About the Author

Louise Ells earned her PhD in Creative Writing from Anglia Ruskin University, and was a Hawthorden Fellow in 2017. Her fiction is informed by her diverse life experiences; she has worked as a chef, caregiver, and co-pilot on a submarine, and survived a category five hurricane. An English and Creative Writing instructor, Louise currently teaches for Cambridge Programmes, at Churchill College, Cambridge, and at Nipissing University, North Bay. She and her husband live on the shore of Lake Nipissing with their beloved cat.


Praise for Notes Towards Recovery

“… a remarkable debut.”

Kerry Clare, Pickle Me This

"The stories start quietly, each word a small stitch around the edge of your heart, but then somewhere toward the end of the story, it all pulls tight and you just have to sit there for a minute, sit with how the accumulation of words on a page can create such immense feelings."

Cynthia Newberry Martin, author, Catching Days and Tidal Flats


“…moving, intricate, emotionally powerful…”

Adam C Piette, professor, University of Sheffield